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What we are all about
streamtuner. We dedicate this website to being one of the best online resources for your TV show viewing pleasure.
The walking dead is a great show! You can watch the latest episode here: The walking dead season 7 episode 9. You can also view all the different episodes Watch the walking dead season 7. We strive to keep our database updated with shows that people actually want to watch. Simplicity is our goal here when it comes to website interface and website usability. Streamtuner strives to keep our website neat and clean while being up to date for all our users. Always being updated means we have a team of people who go through the site and keep track of all the TV shows we have, making sure we are up to date with the latest episodes. Most of our updating happens 5-10 minutes after the show has officially finished airing. That means when a show premiers on live television we will have the show up on our website within 10 minutes from the end credits. We do this because we know streamtuner users are waiting on the site for their favorite shows to become available.

We understand that you can’t always be in front of your TV when a new show comes out or you might be in a country where the show isn’t available at all and we don’t expect you to. That’s exactly why we run this service. We love TV show just as another one of you might. One of our favorites here is The Walking Dead. Some of our other favorites are Arrow, The Flash, American Horror Story among many others. All of our hot shows are given priority over the other shows because sometimes shows come out at exactly the same time, of course shows are scheduled live on air for different channels and some people just can’t watch both shows at exactly the same time. Who has time to record one channel while watching another channel? The cable/satellite television industry is expecting way to much from customers. Here on our site you get to choose, when and how you want to watch your favorite show. We don’t expect anything from our users except that they enjoy their experience on the site.

Have you ever wondered onto a website which had a horrific layout? Browsing that site was practically impossible. How about a website that didn’t have a search box so that you could search for your favorite show? We’ve been to those sites we have even used sites like that in the past which is exactly the reason we made streamtuner. Those sites which were either so unprofessionally done they were unusable or they were so cleanly done that you felt like an outsider trying to use. Some sites are so clean that it doesn’t even feel like a good experience using. Don’t get me started about sites which are done with light colors that don’t go together very well or which hurt your eyes after watching a couple of episodes of your favorite show. We strive to have the best possible user experience and use a color scheme which users can view for hours upon hours without any difficulty. Thanks for reading this short blog post about what we are all about. We do appreciate you using our service and we invite you to chat us anytime about anything on our Facebook page.